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Kick Yourself in the Pants and Get Motivated

  To continue writing about the “Get Rich” seminar that I attended in Atlanta, I’d like to give some of my thoughts about “get rich” types of seminars. At the seminar, a nice gentleman

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Now is Your Chance But So Is Tomorrow

In my last article I mentioned that I was at a “get rich” seminar in Atlanta. One thing that the speaker repeated over and over was that now is the only chance to capitalize on the foreclosure market.

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Just F’N Google It

I just got back from Atlanta, GA where I was working at a tradeshow that my company produces. The show took place at the Georgia International Convention Center by the Atlanta International Airport.

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Get High on Conventions

For my sixth post on how to get lucky and increase your luckortunity, I am going to suggest going to a convention of some sort on a topic of interest. I cannot explain the amount of luckortunity that

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