Kick Yourself in the Pants and Get Motivated


kick-in-butt.jpgTo continue writing about the “Get Rich” seminar that I attended in Atlanta, I’d like to give some of my thoughts about “get rich” types of seminars. At the seminar, a nice gentleman whom I met at the beginning of the seminar came over to me during a break and asked me what I thought about the seminar so far. This is what I told him:

All of these free seminars are the same. There is no such thing as a free lunch and these seminars are no different. The goal of any of these seminars is to get people interested enough in what they have to say to sign up for their really expensive full day or weekend seminar/workshop where they will learn everything that they need to know to get rich. To get people interested, they give over a few facts or pieces of information for people to see that there is something to it and then they offer a lot of fluff and a lot of motivation. The motivation that they offer is partly to get people excited about their potential, possibilities and opportunities but mostly to get them to come to their paid seminar.

They convince people that if they come to their paid seminars and workshops that they will have everything that they need to make it rich but the truth is that all they will get at these paid seminars will be a few more facts, a lot more fluff and some more motivation. At that point, the speakers will offer more of their expensive services such a coach who will send them deals and walk them through each step to make them rich.

In these cases, the only people getting rich are the speakers who are charging for their motivation disguised as promises to get rich. They continue to promote their services and encourage people to continue paying them for more and more. As I see it, the only real value that these seminars offer is a kick in the pants. I mean that in a good way though. To get lucky and rich, you must be motivated and go after opportunities. Just by going to one of these seminars, people get motivated and the lucky ones, take that motivation and turn it into luckortunity. They use what they learn, research what they still need to learn, network and move full force ahead to get rich. The unlucky ones don’t see the opportunity at their fingertips so they sign up for the next class and keep coming back until they either give up or see the light.

Each seminar is a kick in the pants to wake up and do something for yourself. Some people need that kick, some people need a few kicks before they start moving. But if you want it enough, one of the kicks will eventually work. I needed a couple myself.

If you can kick yourself in the pants, you may be saving yourself a lot of time and money. So go ahead, kick yourself into action, get motivated, get lucky and get rich.

On a side note, there are two things I do like about these seminars. One is that they are an extra place to get out of your routine, see new things, network and get lucky. The other is that however little information they do give for free, it is still something and you can always learn something even if you’ve heard the same thing 100 times already.