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Now is Your Chance But So Is Tomorrow

act_now.gifIn my last article I mentioned that I was at a “get rich” seminar in Atlanta. One thing that the speaker repeated over and over was that now is the only chance to capitalize on the foreclosure market. They said it has never been like this before and it never will be like it again. They said that there is a 2-4 year window that we can take advantage of and if we don’t, we will never have an opportunity like it again. If they want to get rich, now is their only chance.

They may be right that the foreclose market has never been like this before and will never be like this again but I don’t agree that this is their only window to get rich. Over the years, decades and centuries, we have seen many people get rich. Some got rich in real estate, some in the stock market, some with their own businesses and some in completely different ways. The speakers at the seminar tried convincing everyone that it is now or never but the truth is that opportunities to get rich are all around us and always will be around us.

There are some people that walk around complaining that if they only bought that stock when they were thinking about it, they would never have to work again in their life. Pretty much anyone who thought about buying a house many years ago looks back at what they would have paid for it and what it is worth today and wishes that they would have made the purchase. These same people today say that it is too late and everything is too expensive now to make it big or make a nice profit.

The truth is that opportunities are all around us and if the foreclose window closes, another window will open. The trick is, never get stuck in the past and blame yourself for not moving because it will do you no good. You just have to make sure that you don’t get stuck in the present by not doing anything. Theodore Roosevelt once said, “the best thing to do is the right thing, the next best thing to do is the wrong thing and the worst thing we can do is nothing.” Don’t feel that you have to jump on an opportunity just because someone tells you that it will never happen again and now is your chance, but also, don’t feel that you can just let life pass you by without doing anything because then you really will lose.

Lucky people find something that they like, look for opportunities and jump on those and that is how they get rich. If it is right, they will win by profiting, if it is wrong, they will win with experience but if they do nothing, they will for sure lose.

About the Author Amir Lehrer

I am a typical person more or less that has always tried to get away with doing the absolute minimum to get by. In school, I did my assignments last minute, I barely passes some of my tests, I crammed for everything and didn't care about retaining any information. I always wanted to be successful and get lucky but my problem was that I thought that luck and chance were synonymous. One day, all that changed when i found out that there was more to "Luck". I learned that it was possible to make your own luck and that people that were "lucky", all had very similar characteristics. I made a conscious decision to become one of those lucky people and the world started to open up. It didn't happen overnight and I'm still not there yet but at least I know what to look for and what to do. Recognizing the opportunities to get lucky is only the beginning of the battle. Now I have to train myself to jump on every opportunity and one day be truly "lucky".