Luckortunity – Luc-kor-tu-ni-ty – pronounced [luhk-er-too-ni-tee]

-noun – The opportunities that luck can bring: Meeting a stranger in a bar was a stroke of luckortunity that led to a very profitable business relationship.

Over the last few years I have spoken to many very successful people around the country, read books and articles about and by successful people and did a lot of research on the subject of “Luck” and I want to share my findings with you.

Most people will think about “luck” as a synonym for “chance”. Thinking that flipping a coin is all about luck and that lucky people are just born lucky. The truth is that “luck” and “chance” are completely different and have almost nothing to do with each other. Chance is the result of flipping the coin. Probability will tell you that there is a 50/50 chance that it will land on heads or tails. Because of the weight of the coin and which coin you use, it might be slightly different but the point is, if you flip the coin a hundred times, a thousand times or a million times, you will be able to predict with some sort of accuracy how many times it will land on each side.

Luck is really what you make of it and living your life a certain way can increase your luck. Richard Wiseman, A University Professor and author of THE LUCK FACTOR has done a significant amount of research on luck. He attempted to discover why some people are “lucky” and some people are “unlucky”. He conducted an experiment where he asked people who felt they were “lucky” and people that felt they were “unlucky” to look through a newspaper and count all the pictures. The lucky people started counting the pictures and then stopped and pointed out that it said in big letters “you can stop counting, this newspaper has 43 pictures in it”. They were told to continue counting anyway. A few Pages later, they stopped again after reading “Stop counting. Tell the experimenter you’ve seen this and win 150 pounds”. The “unlucky” people didn’t notice these headlines because they were so focused on doing their task that they blocked out everything else including any possible “luck”. It reminds me of the guy who couldn’t see the forest because all the trees were in the way.

Wiseman compares luck to an apple orchard that is full of delicious apples. On the first day that you go apple picking, it doesn’t matter where you start out or what direction you go because you have the pick of the entire orchard. On the second day, you pretty much have the same opportunity even if you go to the same place that you collected the day before. As the days go by and you continue picking apples in the same area, there will be fewer and fewer to pick since you already picked them on previous days. To pick more apples, you will have to go to another part of the orchard that you haven’t picked all the apples from yet.

In life, people have routines. They wake up and do the same thing every morning, they take the same route to work, they speak to the same people, they go to the same places after work and then go to sleep and start all over the next day. Just like the apple orchard, if you continue taking the same route everyday, your luck will run out. You need to take a new route, meet new people, go to new places and create new opportunity for luck to work its magic. In other words, create luckortunity for yourself in every situation.

Luckortunity is the opportunity that being lucky can bring. Each new event or action in your life can lead you to new opportunities that can make you lucky. In this blog, I will try to show what luck and luckortunity really are, what it can do and how you can become lucky. So feel free to read, keep reading, check back and tell all your friends. I’m hoping this catches on… Maybe I’ll get Lucky!