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Your Drugs: Do You Care About Where They Come From?

When you are walking done the aisle of your local pharmacy and looking for medication to relieve a headache, do you ever consider where your money is going? When buying Pharmaceuticals,

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How I Increased My Luck in Just One Year

Today is my birthday, but more importantly, it is about a year from the day that I decided to do something with my financial life and increase my financial luck. I have blogged about my decision in the

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Get Lucky by Preventing a Financial Landslide

I wrote a couple times about how I am tracking my finances and that they are all pretty much automatic since all my accounts are linked to each other. I have to say, it gives me a great amount of joy to

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Your Financial Life at a Glance

Half-way through my 10 ways to get lucky posts I decided to write about something much more important and appropriate for New Years. My first post was New Years Resolution 2008, Lose Weight or Get Lucky.

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Luck is Risky Business

This is my fourth post in my series of 10 on how to increase your luck and create Luckortunity. Most people don’t like risk, they would rather have certainty. The problem with that is that they will

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