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Ready, Fire, Aim to Get Lucky

firing.gifOver the last few months I have been doing some research for this blog. When I decided that I was going to start the blog I started looking into everything I needed to know to build the blog, set it up and post articles. I also researched how to increase traffic, how to advertise the site and content and how to keep on track. Finally, in my research, I found and came up with hundreds of ways to get lucky that I could write about each day. The problem was that I kept writing and I never looked back to see what I wrote.

Don’t get me wrong, I built the site, I set up all the features that are currently functioning on my site and I filled the site with regular content since I started. So far, I am doing pretty good with this blog, at least I think so. The problem is that I am not doing great.

This morning I was looking through my shoulder bag and I found pages and pages of notes that I took and put together for my blog. As I was looking through them, I noticed I followed some of them but most of them have not been followed. When I started to think about it, I realized that I am still taking notes every day on how to improve my site but I am not implementing them as regularly.

In life, if you want to get anything done and get lucky, you have to take action. Preparation is good but only action will get you anywhere. If you are taking a road trip, you can buy a gps and then look up your route on Mapquest and then on Google maps and plan pit stops along the way but you will never get anywhere unless you get in the car and drive. Action is the most important part.

In many business books I have read, they use the saying “ready, fire, aim!” as opposed to the more common saying “ready, aim, fire”. The reason for this is if you spend too much time aiming, you will miss your opening or opportunity. They suggest doing a little research and getting “ready”, then just going for it (“fire”). Once you are on your way already and you can see how things are going and “aim” to readjust your direction.

The main point is to take action or else nothing will ever get done, no matter how prepared you are. Now that I am 2 months into my blog, I can start to aim and look through all of my notes on how to improve this site. If you have any suggestions, please leave a comment.

About the Author Amir Lehrer

I am a typical person more or less that has always tried to get away with doing the absolute minimum to get by. In school, I did my assignments last minute, I barely passes some of my tests, I crammed for everything and didn't care about retaining any information. I always wanted to be successful and get lucky but my problem was that I thought that luck and chance were synonymous. One day, all that changed when i found out that there was more to "Luck". I learned that it was possible to make your own luck and that people that were "lucky", all had very similar characteristics. I made a conscious decision to become one of those lucky people and the world started to open up. It didn't happen overnight and I'm still not there yet but at least I know what to look for and what to do. Recognizing the opportunities to get lucky is only the beginning of the battle. Now I have to train myself to jump on every opportunity and one day be truly "lucky".