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Being a College Dropout can be a Great Thing

I just wrote an article on Temphunt’s Blog where I threw out a thought about where formal education is going.  I mentioned that in the 1950’s, parents (and others) gave kids the advice to “go to

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The Music Industry Doesn’t Get It and They Need to Change To Get Lucky

I was listening to a recent Media Hacks podcast (episode 10) where C.C. Chapman, Hugh McGuire, Julien Smith and host Mitch Joel discussed piracy of books online and music. Music piracy has been a hot topic

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Mass Media: The News We Want You to Know

Last week during my stay in Hawaii, I was interviewed by Brianne Randle of KHON2, an affiliate of Fox News about homelessness in Hawaii and how it affects tourism. Apparently, there have been streams

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Winners and Losers: K-mart and Best Buy

Joseph Jaffe from Jaffe Juice has a podcast that I have been listening to over the last week and a bit.  I found him on ITunes while looking for good marketing podcasts (and it is

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