Using Bubbles to Combat Old Media

bubble-project-steroids.jpgI’ve mentioned before that old or traditional media is pretty much corporations developing a message that suits them and yelling it out at the world as often as possible.  With the average person being exposed to 3000 ads per day, that’s an awful amount of being yelled at.  Social Media allows companies to interact with its consumers and have a two way conversation.  Some companies are not moving fast enough to drop their monologue act and let their customers join the conversation.  The Bubble Project took it upon itself to protest the monologues by turning ads around the world into dialogues.

                                                                                                                          Picture and others can be found  on Flickr

In New York, Milan, Buenos Aires and Amsterdam so far, People involved in the Bubble Project have been placing cartoon speech bubbles over ads all over their cities and allowing anyone to fill them in.  This gives the random person on the street a voice, the witnesses a good laugh and the corporations a strong message that we don’t appreciate being yelled at.

Each day, more and more people are getting a voice through social networks, blogs and other creative tactics like the Bubble Project.  Do you have a voice yet?  Let me know in the comments.