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Was I Lucky or Unlucky? You Choose!

  Two Novembers ago, I was on my way to a friend’s wedding in a car service. I took the car service straight from work because I had to finish up some work and I told my wife that I would meet

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Is a Silver Medalist The 2nd Winner or the 1st Loser?

Jerry Seinfeld has a bit about how winning a bronze medal in the Olympics is better that winning a silver medal in the same event. Everyone knows that gold is the best. It means that you are the winner

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How Bad Luck Can Turn into Good Luck

  David spent his whole childhood dreaming of joining the army as a fighter pilot. Everything he did in school and his social life was specifically for the purpose of enhancing his chance of achieving

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Can You Introduce Me to 300 People?

  Picture is from Sociologists estimate that the average person knows 300 people by name. Thinking about this, I probably know a whole lot more

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