Can You Introduce Me to 300 People?



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Sociologists estimate that the average person knows 300 people by name. Thinking about this, I probably know a whole lot more than that factoring in the different schools and camps I went to over the years, the communities I lived in, the activities I participated in and the people I have worked with throughout my life. I can’t say that I speak to all of them on a regular basis but I can say that I can get in touch with almost all of them if I need to.

Lucky people know more people by name and are in touch with more people than the average person. Just knowing more people and being in touch with them gives you exponential amounts of luckortunity since each person may bring you your lucky opportunity. Imagine looking for a job. For the average person, if they ask their network of people they know if anyone knows of any positions available, immediately, they have 300 times the chance of when they started looking for a job. Even better, each of the 300 people probably also know 300 people who may know of a job. That is 90,000 people that can help the average person find a job.

Increase your luckortunity by keeping up with your personal network. The closer you are to them, the closer you are to their networks and the luckortunity they can offer.

1) Friend all the people you know on Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn and any other social network that you are a part of. If you don’t have social network profiles and accounts, go create them.

2) Keep all of your profiles up to date including your current employment.

3) Send messages to your contacts

4) Call old friends from time to time. Try calling a different old friend each week.

5) Socialize and make new friends and contacts.

6) When going to a party or social event, mingle with different types of people each time.

7) Follow up with new friends and contacts by inviting them out for a coffee.

8) Throw a dinner party and invite people you haven’t spoken to in a long time.

The main thing is to take advantage of the contacts that you have instead of just accumulating names in your phone book.