One of the best ways to get lucky is to constantly change your surroundings so that you never get used to the environment  that you are in.  If you become too familiar with your surroundings, you will start missing out on many opportunities that present themselves.  Changing details in your daily routine such as taking different routes to work can increase your luck exponentially.  To take that to an extreme, you can think about temp work.

Temp work is no longer reserved for menial tasks that anyone can do.  Many professionals are choosing temp work due to the flexibility it offers and the ability to try out many different companies and even industries.

As part of my mission to get lucky, I created Temphunt.com, an online marketplace that connects temp workers with great temp jobs at great companies.  You can get lucky too by signing up as a Temp (looking for work) or signing up as a Hunter (looking for Temps).


Good Luck!