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It Takes Six Years to Become An Overnight Success

I was reading a post written by Seth Godin where he mentions that “it takes about six years of hard work to become an overnight success”.   I’ve never quantified the amount

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Have Two-Way Conversations Like Google or Starbucks

I was listening to a podcast this past week on Duct Tape Marketing where Charlene Li, a senior analyst with Forrester, stated what should be obvious but for some reason most companies

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Why Your Friends and Family Don’t Want You to Succeed

When you have a great idea that you are sure is going to be a success, the first thing you want to do is tell the whole world. You usually start with the people who are closest to

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Commuting with my IPod

Last week I finally bought myself the 80 gig video ipod and my only regret is that I didn’t get it sooner.  I have about an hour and change of a commute to work each way which

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