Believe it or not, you are Smarter than Someone!

All the way through our schooling we are measuring how smart we are.  How well we do on each test, in each subject and most of all compared to the rest of the class and sometimes even the rest of the State, Country or World.  After we are done with schooling, many of us are still on the roller coaster ride of wondering how smart we are and how we compare to others.  Some people are afraid to speak up because they fear looking stupid.  Some people don’t take chances for fear that they will fail.  I am telling you today that you have nothing to worry about.

Just the fact that you are reading this post shows, that you have enough initiative to do something with yourself and that you are smarter than a large portion of people out there.  I am not saying that reading my blog specifically proves anything,   it is reading anything and learning something outside the scope of your “required reading” that means something. 

I have been thinking about this a lot lately as I start my own Social Media business, Flid Media .  I am confident in my abilities and I know that I am more than qualified to be doing what I am doing.  At the same time, Social Media is very new and is changing every day.  Every single day I read blogs and articles about new elements of social media that I have never heard of before.  Some are just being launched and introduced but others are new perspectives. 

There will always be people out there that are better than you or know more than you but that should not deter you from reaching for your dreams.  You don’t have to be the best or the smartest out there.  You just have to be better and smarter than the people you are doing business with.  When I say “better and smarter” I don’t mean in actual intelligence, I mean it in the scope of what you are doing.  The most brilliant minds will need help in a field that they have no experience in.   You may never be the Michael Jordan out there but the NBA is filled with players who don’t hold a candle to him.  Besides, have you seen Michael play baseball?

As I mentioned in the past two posts, go out, learn something and become smarter than the next person.  Then you too can become a consultant.