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First Lucky Blog Carnival: Luck of the Draw


To reach a greater audience and help more people all over the world get lucky, I am starting the first Blog Carnival on Luck and Getting Lucky. This carnival will be open for submissions from anyone who would like to write an article about luck. I hope to have this carnival on a regular basis, at least once a month to start and then possibly more often as the audience and demand grow.

The first edition will be about luck in general. It can include anything about getting lucky, how to increase your luck or how to think like a lucky person. Future editions will be narrowed down to more specific topics. I am open for suggestions.

For all of you who just scrolled down, here is the gist of it.

What: “Luck of the Draw”, a blog carnival all about luck.

Who: Anyone who wants to submit an article about luck.

Where: The carnival will be hosted right here on Get Lucky

When: The first edition will be published on April 24, 2008. Submissions are due on April 22, 2008 by midnight.

Why: I believe that the rest of the world deserves to get lucky and that this carnival can spread the luck to wider audiences.

How: Submit articles to If you are having trouble, email me.

About the Author Amir Lehrer

I am a typical person more or less that has always tried to get away with doing the absolute minimum to get by. In school, I did my assignments last minute, I barely passes some of my tests, I crammed for everything and didn't care about retaining any information. I always wanted to be successful and get lucky but my problem was that I thought that luck and chance were synonymous. One day, all that changed when i found out that there was more to "Luck". I learned that it was possible to make your own luck and that people that were "lucky", all had very similar characteristics. I made a conscious decision to become one of those lucky people and the world started to open up. It didn't happen overnight and I'm still not there yet but at least I know what to look for and what to do. Recognizing the opportunities to get lucky is only the beginning of the battle. Now I have to train myself to jump on every opportunity and one day be truly "lucky".