I’m Back for Major Blogscaping!

It’s been way too long since I’ve really touched this blog and it’s about time that I got back up and running. I started this blog for many reasons and most of them were accomplished during the first few years of this blog, dare I say it, almost a decade ago. One of the top ten reasons though never ends. Blogging keeps you on your toes. You look at the world differently. You are constantly thinking of what to write about and it causes you to actually think about everything in life from your daily activities to long term goals. Simply put, it helps you “Get Lucky” and keep getting luckier.

This blog has been overgrown with all sorts of weeds and one of these weekends I am going to make blogscaping a project. Update some of my info, maybe the look and feel of the blog, maybe more. I want to get back to writing regularly, or at least semi regularly and that will hopefully start now. It’s been a long time and I have a lot to tell you so stay tuned and wish me luck!



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