Don’t Worry, Be Happy

I heard a little story a while back about a woman working in the market place and along came a man who swiped one of her products off her table and started to run away.  The woman caught up to him and scolded him so badly that there was steam shooting out of her ears.  A few moments later she returned to her table and with the nicest, kindest smile she asked her next customer if she can help them.

Later when she was asked how she could go from one extreme to another, she responded that however you feel in one situation does not have to carry over into the next situation.  She also said that just because you feel a certain way on the inside, it doesn’t mean that you have to show it on the outside.

Yesterday I wrote about how your mood can affect your luck.  Here are a few ways to put the lesson into action:

Don’t hold grudges

Don’t let one person ruin your day

Don’t take out your anger with one person on another


By getting and staying mad, you are only blocking out your own potential opportunity and luck.