Day Number One With Goals

Yesterday I wrote about how I realized that in order to get anything done, I needed to make clear goals for myself. A few of the goals on my list had to do with this blog. I wanted to fix up the blog, add Google Adsense, add some articles, etc. Those were just in my first list of short term goals. In a year, I am hoping to have at least 60 articles on this blog. In reality I would like to have at least 100 but I made sure not to put too many things on my list since it might get a little unreasonable. I can do millions of things but I can’t do all of them at the same time. I need to leave some time to accomplish all my other goals while leaving a large amount of time to slack off. Slacking off is not one of my goals, I just know myself and just because I have goals now and I’m a little more organized, I cant expect myself to change overnight. I know it’s going to be a slow process but as I wrote yesterday, I have 20 years to complete my goals. I am sure some will change and some will expand but at least I have the step by step instructions on how I am going to get there.