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Get Lucky by Getting your Ducks, even if they’re not in a Row

I hear so many people saying that they will not start item “B” until item “A” is accomplished. For instance, “I will not get married until I have a job”, “I will not have kids until I am

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Take as Many Shots as you Can, No Matter How Bad

On Saturday night I had the privilege of going to a hockey game with my brother to see the Montreal Canadiens play the Washington Capitals.  Although the Canadiens lost with a couple

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Believe it or not, you are Smarter than Someone!

All the way through our schooling we are measuring how smart we are.  How well we do on each test, in each subject and most of all compared to the rest of the class and sometimes

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Thanks, You’re a Life Saver!

Yesterday,, my new company’s websites was on the fritz.  I messed something up in the backend and I wasn’t even able to get back into the backend to fix it. 

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Too Much Information Is Your Key to Getting Lucky

There once was a time where it seemed like there was a finite amount of knowledge out there.  The wise men all knew the same things, had the same education and maybe had a little

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